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At PAKMATHS we go the extra mile to ensure students feel supported and heard. We believe the student lead learning is more than merely a catchphrase. Our aim is to build students confidence and teach them simplified step by step  methods to solve problems, enabling them to not only understand seemingly difficult concepts, but also to be able to utilise these methods in order to succeed in exams, school assignments and even in university.

We create individualised learning goals and structured programs for our students. Our methods have had great success, as is evident in our students exam results in iGCSE and AS.

Confidence is key, at is something that is at the heart of the teaching methodology adopted at PAKMATHS. 100% of Pakmaths students have achieved A*-C thus far.

Learning maths should not be a tedious daily struggle. At PAKMATHS, our main aim is to take the pressure off students, and assure them that provided they put the effort in and follow their custom made program, the responsibility of ensuring progress is with us.

PAKMATHS has recently expanded and has 3 new teachers working under the direction and guidance of Mr Paknahad. So whether you are placed in a session with Mr Paknahad or one of his associates you are in great hands!

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